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Project :: Wavefront OBJ Importer

Imported a textured cube (using "text" hack) and the blender monkey.


Those python classes enable you to read a Wavefront object file (and its associated material files) and convert it into opengl primitives (uses display lists for optimization).

You can then render them in your opengl context. It supports almost anything this format can do.

It also adds a little hack to enable texture loading from a bitmap file (png, jpg, etc). You just have to add "text xxx.png" in your material file.

It requires pyopengl and at least python 2.3.

» This software was written by Guillaume Libersat.
» License : GPL v2.

Lastest news

Wavefront OBJ Importer (2005-09-07)
  WaveFront Obj importer ! by Guillaume Libersat
I've just released an Alias/WaveFront object file importer and renderer in python.
It should be almost complete, and it adds an interesting hack to get rid of the old way of texturing.
You can read more on the project's page.



  • » 0.9 [Changelog]
    First public release. Should work for any object and texture.
    Still in beta stage anyway.
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